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What could someone say about visiting the Prefecture of Ilia? Perhaps he imagines he is in a place of antiquity, that he has traveled back in time and space and lives among the ancient civilizations that developed and lived throughout the Prefecture.

Ilia, from side to side, has a rich cultural heritage, a natural wealth that is worth seeing and admiring. Thousands of MonumentsSightseeingArchaeological sites, most of which have become world-renowned – such as Ancient Olympia – are places that make the Prefecture of Ilia as the “core” of Culture.

All of this, combined with nature itself, bring Ilia to the top spots of traffic. An immense wealth and heritage that remains unchanged in the depths of the ages and is there to remind everyone of its value. Iliatravel presents you with all that interest and definitely worth a visit.

Archaeological Sites & Monuments of Ilia Overview

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