It is one of the most important sanctuaries of antiquity, dedicated to the father of Gods, Olympius Zeus. Ancient Olympia is the place where the Olympic Games were born and held every four years in honor of Jupiter (776 BC), an institution with Pan-Hellenic radiation and glamor from antiquity to the present day. The Sanctuary of Olympia, lies at the southern foothills of Kronion Lofos, at the confluence of the rivers Alfeios and Kladeos. This valley which is located between the two rivers, in ancient times was overgrown with wild trees, poplars, oaks, pines and plane trees, so the sanctuary was named Altis. The archaeological site of Olympia is one of those places where their history causes awe and emotion. Olympia is a station and a starting point for all mankind over the centuries. The “Valley of the Gods” has not been randomly classified.
As it is known, the archaeological site of Olympia includes the sanctuary of Zeus, with temples and buildings directly related to worship and various buildings built around it, such as sports facilities used to prepare and perform the Olympic Games, auxiliary buildings, utilitarian and administrative, as well as secular buildings. Altis, the sacred grove, occupies the central part and within it the core of the sanctuary, with the temples, the treasures and the most important buildings of the area, are developed. It is separated from the surrounding area by a precinct, which at the end of the 4th c. B.C. had two gates on its western side and one on the south, while its boundary to the east is the Stoa of Echos, which separates the sacred space from the stadium. In the Roman period, the enclosure widened and on its western side two monumental propels were formed.

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