Municipality of Ancient Olympia

The cradle of civilization, the birthplace of the Olympic Games is among the most popular worldwide destinations for thousands of visitors every year. The municipality of Olympia boasts a unique archaeological site, several museums and amazing countryside. A destination that always has something new to discover.

Capital Olympia

Population 13409

Municipil Districts 23

The municipality of Ancient Olympia was formed after the merging of the pre-existing municipalities of Ancient Olympia, Lassion, Lambeia and Pholoe. In antiquity Ancient Olympia was one of the four holy sites of the Ancient Greek world. Among its monuments was the chryselephantine (gold and ivory) statue of Zeus, one of the seven wonders of antiquity. It was here where the Olympic Games were established in 776 BCE. The Games that are still considered symbols of worldwide significance as they represent the Olympic truce known as Ekecheiria and fair play. Every four years the lighting ceremony of the Olympic flame takes place in the ancient stadium. The archaeological site of Olympia extends to the southern slopes of Cronius hill between the rivers of Alpheios and Cladeus. An area in which the sacredeness and mystical experience of antiquity could still be felt. The site is still under excavation while restoration work is continually taking place. The grounds of the International Olympic Academy are nearby. A large number of academic conferences are held there every year. The river Alpheios is the longest river in the Peloponnese, extending 110 km while it is the 5th longest river in Greece. In the mountainous area of the municipality history meets mythology in the oak forest of Pholoe, the realm of the Centaurs! This forest covers 6,000 acres and extends between the rivers of Erymanthus and Ladon. Another popular destination worth visiting is the picturesque, historic village of Divri, surrounded by mountains, it hosts ten different neighbourhoods and offers a fantastic view. It has many traditional tavernas, cafes and stores as well as several stone fresh water springs where you can drink cool water coming out from the depths of the mountains. In winter Divri is the perfect spot for those who enjoy the snow. At the end of July every year the locals celebrate the memory of St Panteleimon at the chapel of Pontos, an unforgettable experience. When you are in Divri, don’t neglect to visit the monastery of Chrysopege, which is situated close to the vil-

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Overview of the most important sights

Population: 13,409 (2011 census)
Municipal districts: 23
capital: Ancient Olympia

Sights of municipal district of Ancient Olympia
• Archaological site of Ancient Olympia
• Archaeological museum of Ancient Olympia
• Digital exhibition of Archaeological museum
• Museum of the history of the excavations in Ancient Olympia
• Museum of the history of the Olympic Games in antiquity
• Old museum of Ancient Olympia (a listed building)

Sights of municipal district of Lambeia
• Pine forest of Divri
• Primary school of Divri
• Morios fresh water spring
• Church of the Holy Trinity
• Monastery of Chrysopege at Divri

Sights of municipal district of Lassion
• Castle of Ochia (adder) (north of Kakotari)
• Mycenean cemetary at Agia Triada
• Agios Skylos (Church of Agioi Anargiroi {the Silverless Saints}, at Androni.
• Church at Kakotarovouni (Kakotari)
• Amarciano cavern at Tsipiana

Sights of municipal district of Pholoe
• Plateau and oak forest of Pholoe
• Plateau of Pholoe- natura 2000 protected area
• Museum of Pholoe