The “hidden” waterfalls of Ilia

The waterfalls of Nemoutas, which became known in recent years following the initiative taken by some young people from the region who decided to map their place, are a truly hidden treasure that for years remained in the … darkness. In Nemoutas, a village of Foloi, part of the municipality of Ancient Olympia Ilia, located on the border of Achaia with Arcadia, have been discovered over thirty waterfalls, small and large and have already attracted the interest of many tourists visiting the area to experience their beauties.
The way to get to the waterfalls is unique, and you will definitely need a guide as many of the points, just because they are not used, are inaccessible. The result is rewarded, however, and the most demanding nature worshiper who has just arrived there will be enchanted by their unlimited beauty. Today, several walking clubs and individual groups of hikers make annual visits to the waterfalls of Nemouta, which each time they have something new.




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