Municipality of Zacharo

The disastrous forest fires of 2007 are a thing of the past and green nature has returned. You could say that the representative colours of Zacharo-Figalo are green and blue. Blue from the deep blue colours of the sea at Kaiafas and river Neda and green from the forests, the gorges and the rare natural beauty. The municipality borders Messenia to the south and the Ionian sea to the west. It is one more area with contrasts, unique beauty and a multitude of destinations to choose from!

Capital Zacharo

Population 8953

Municipal Districts 19

The municipality of Zacharo-Figalo was formed after the merging of the pre-existing municipalities of Zacharo and Figalo. It is an area of exemplary beauty and a perfect destination for holidaymakers catering to a vast variety of interests and needs. From the town of Zacharo to the foothills, the contrasts in the countryside and the large number of archaeological sites would amaze any visitor. As you enter the municipality, you will see the pine forest and the golden sand beach with the dunes on your right. On your left is the lake of Kaiafas where there are spas and accommodations for visitors. It is an aweinspiring view. The mountainous area of the municipality offers the historic settlement of Ano Taxiarches and New Figalo. Finally, river Neda is to the south, on the borders with the prefecture of Messenia. Neda is the only Greek river with a female name. It offers majestic waterfalls and unique trails leading through a gorge, those brave enough could swim in the crystal clear cool water. Hiking on the Neda trail is a once-in-a-lifetime experience that no visitor to Eleia should miss. Places of historic interest are scattered everywhere in the area and are well worth a visit.

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Overview of the most important sights

Population: 8,953 (2011 census)
Municipal districts: 19
Administrative capital : Zacharo

Sights of municipal district of Zacharo
• Kaiafa lake
• Ancient Lepreum
• Temple of Demeter
• Archaelogical site of Kakovato
• Domed tombs of Kakovato
• Araklovo castle at Minthi
• Kallidona folklore museum
• Taxiarches
• River Neda
• Archaeological site at Prassidaki- Doric temple of Athena
• Temple of Artemis (Dianna)
• Nestor’s tomb
• The Holy Mary at Varko

Sights of municipal district of Figalo
• Temple of Athena and Zeus Saviour
• Traditional settlement at Nea Figalo
• Nea Figalo folklore museum