Municipality of Andritsaina – Krestena

The municipality of Andritsaina-Krestena beggins from the blue waters of the Ionian Sea and reaches the boundaries of the Arcadian mountains. With the stone-built Andritsaina the Temple of Epicurion Apollon, the scattered archaeological sites, the Holy Monastery of Sepeto, the ancient fountains with the cold water and the capital of Krestena,is justifiably called the municipality of contrasts Andritsena-Krestena municipality has everything that someone wants to see in our days

Capital Krestena

Population 14109

Municipal Districts 3

The municipality of Andritsaina-Krestena was founded after the merging of the pre-existing municipalities of Alipheira, Skillous and  Andritsaina. The administrative centre is Krestena while the historic centre is Andritsaina. It is one more municipality of rare beauty and contrasts which extends from the Ionian sea to Andritsaina, which is in close proximity to the mountain regions of Arcadia. Krestena, the administrative capital is one the most beautiful towns in the prefecture. It combines contemporary and traditional elements and is a hospitable and friendly place. Krestena together with the villages of Kallikomo and Makrissia are the basic areas of development in the municipality. If you drive towards the mountains, you cross the village of Kallithea and reach Andritsaina after driving through a splendid forest. Andritsaina is characterised by its stone houses, its alleys, its water springs and several historic landmarks. The whole atmosphere takes us back to the war of liberation of 1821. If you close your eyes, you can hear the bustle, the applause and other sounds coming from the ancient theatre of Platiana. Our final and most important destination in the area is the Temple of Epicurean Apollo at Bassae, a tourist destination of worldwide acclaim. Parts of the temple are exhibited at the British museum. The municipality of Andritsaina-Krestena has much to offer and is ideal for those who enjoy a variety of activities and pleasant surprises.

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Overview of the most important sights

Population: 14,109 (2011 census)
Capital: Krestena Historic centre: Andritsaina

Top sights in the area of Skillous• Platiana citadel
• Archaelogical site of Kato Samiko
• Monastery of Issova
• Templeshaped tombs
• Temple of Athena
• Temple of Asclepius

Top sights in the area of Alipheira
• Archaeological site of Alipheira (Castle of Nerovitsa)
• Monuments of ancient Alipheira
• Monastery of Sepeto
• Traditional settlement of Kallithea
• Triton waterfall

Top sights in the area of Andritsaina
• Temple of Epicurean Apollo at Bassae
• Traditional settlement of Andritsaina
• Folklore museum of Andritsaina
• Nikopoulean library of Andritsaina

Top sights in the area of Krestena
• Papalexis villa
• Memorial of the heroes
• Seferli forest
• Church of St. George
• Church of the Dormition of the Virgin