Municipality of Elis

Amaliada is a centre of history and culture. The latest additions are the Beloyiannis museum and the Cultural centre, as we enter the town. The capital of the municipality of Elis has been and remains a modern town that invests in culture! In the past Elis was the administrative centre of the Olympic Games in antiquity, therefore the principles of Olympism and
hospitality are an integral part of the DNA of its present citizens. The municipality of Elis provides numerous tourist destinations most popular of which are Kourouta beach and the festival of ancient Elis.

Capital Amaliada

Population 32219

Municipal District 19

The municipality of Elis was established after the merging of the pre-existing authorities of Amaliada and Peneia. It covers 401,9 sq. km, has got 19 municipal districts and a population of around 32,000 (2011 census). It is the biggest municipality in northern Elia. History, culture and nature are omnipresent in all parts of the municipality, inviting visitors to discover all the beauties in every detail. Amaliada is the administrative centre. It is an attractive, modern city which through the non-stop implementation of improvements and restorations has become one of the greenest and most citizen-friendly towns in the Peloponnese. In 2017 two new additions were made, the Beloyiannis museum and the impressive Cultural centre which are open to the public. These new additions will complement the already existing landmarks of the town. Namely, the historic Tatanis building, the Papachristopouleios municipal library, the folklore museum of Avgeio, the Town hall and the sports centre, which is the only one of its kind in the whole country. Of course, the most significant attraction of the area is the archaeological site of ancient Elis and its two museums, the old and new one. Elis was the ancient city that administrated the Olympic Games in antiquity and laid the foundations of the Olympic spirit and fair play. Nowadays, the festival of Ancient Elis is hosted in the area attracting thousands of visitors from Greece and abroad. Not far away from Elis is the Peneios Dam, an aweinspiring construction which blends nature with engineering and remains a worthwhile destination. Among other attractions of the area is the Byzantine monastery of Fragavilla, the Mycenaean cemetary at Daphni and of course the beach of Kourouta!

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Overview of the most important sights

Population: 32,219 (2011 census)
Municipal disttricts: 19
Capital: Amaliada

Sights of municipal district of Amaliada
• Ancient Elis
• Agora of Ancient Elis
• Theatre of Ancient Elis
• New archaeologial museum of Ancient Elis
• Tatani residence-museum of Greek diaspora’s press
• Papachristopouleios municipal library
• Beloyiannis building- museum of Greek WW2 resistance
• Fragavilla monastery
• Municipal Folklore museum at Amaliada
• Folklore museum at Avgeio and Keramidia.

Sights of municipal district of Peneia
• Mycenaean tombs at Daphni

Art & Culture of Municipality of Elis
• Festival of Ancient Elis
• Flower exhibition of Eleia
• Carnival of Amaliada
• Book fair at Kourouta beach
• Exhibitions and events at Kourouta beach
• International documentary festival
• International movie festival for children and young people

Outdoors & Andentures of Municipality of Elis
• Artificial lake of Peneios Dam
• Erymanthus river