Andritsena Public Historical Library of Andritsena belongs to the Ministry of National Education and Religious Affairs and today’s collection includes remarkable works with rare editions of the early years of typography. It is one of the most important, historically and richest libraries in the country.  In Paris, Nicolopoulos acquired a great library, famous at the time among the best private Libraries. His Library, with a desire to see Greece liberated and believing that through the study and knowledge of the history Greee will be reborn, he donated the library to his father birthplace, Andritsena. He let his decision to the Municipality of Andritsina with his letter in 1838.

The Municipality of Andritsena accepted its valuable donation. The books in 1840 were transported (in 47 boxes) by boat from Paris to Nafplio and from there animals transported the books to Andritsaina and were temporarily placed in a church (Agia Varvara) near the School.Today, the Library is housed in a neoclassical building on the eastern entrance of the city and includes, in addition to the remarkable collection of “Konstantinos-Agathofronas Nikolopoulos”, rare editions of the early years of typography and the collection of “Evangelos Kallianiotis”, as well as the exhibition of plaster casts (donation of the British Museum 1963) of the frieze of Epicureus Temple Apollo, and also a historical archive of manuscripts of the Revolution and post-revolutionary.

The library has a reading room, lending department and Information Center daily.ripts of the Revolution and post-revolutionary. Andritsena Public Historical Library, is a communication and information center and provides a variety of services through its respective departments. It responds to informative, educational and cultural needs of its audience, maintains archive material (newspapers, magazines, etc.) of a local nature and includes in its collection material that has been published and concerns the history of the site, aiming to cover information needs on local issues.


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