The lighthouse in Katakolo was constructed, according to historical references, in 1865. It is of French origin and its range reached 18 to 19 nautical miles. Its building facilities consist of four rooms, which were used by the sleepers for bedrooms, as well as by the turret, which incorporates the mechanism of the lighthouse. At the top of the turret there is the chamber with the mirror, while in the whole complex there is another building, separate from the rest, which used the kitchen.

The mechanism and its operation reminded much of that of a pendulum clock. They consisted of two containers, one containing oil and the other water. The oil was enriched with air and then lit the light that led the ships. The mirror was rotated, giving 4 flashes within 16 seconds, while a rotating bobbin was routed in the turret.
With a recent decision by the Ministry of Culture, Catalonia’s beacon was declared a listed and newest historical monument in the area. The historic beacon will continue for a long time, not only to accompany sailors on their voyages but also to emerge, the only ruler at the top of the hill.




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