Chlemoutsi Castle is a symbol of beauty and power that offers immense views of the Ionian Sea. It is the stationary “guard” of the Ionian Sea, built in 1227 by the Franks, with the last owner being the Byzantine Emperor, Constantine Palaiologos. Being built on top of a hill, it dominates the plain of Ilia and its original name, according to historical sources, was Clermont, which in Greek was then translated into Chlemoutsi. The castle remained in use until the Hellenic Revolution of 1821, passing by the hands of the Turks (1460-1687, 1715-1821) and the Venetians (1687-1715). Today Chlemoutsi Castle, where its original form did not undergo any significant subsequent interventions, keeps its Frankish character strong. Of the later conquerors, only the Turks seem to have been interested in modernizing it and have done little work mainly to adapt to the use of firearms. Thus, the Castle remains one of the most important and well-preserved fortresses of Greece and is an excellent example of the Franco-era architecture of the Peloponnese.

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1/5 Easter Sunday 25/12 & 26/12


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