In a green canyon that has been declared a Natural Monument, is located the Holy Monastery of Asketi Goumerou, a cave monastery, hidden in the depths of the centuries. It is one of the most magnificent monuments of the prefecture of Ilia, with Byzantine probably origin and exceptional beauty, which the visitor will not encounter anywhere else. According to oral traditions, the Monastery was created after the discovery of the icon of the Virgin Mary held by an infant from the inhabitants of the area of Goumeros and Olenas, who hunted up to that point a hermit, who is said to have been there, thinking that it is wild boar.
At the point where the two mountains blended and the cave of two caves was built, the monastery, which for many years was a monastic center. Indeed, once the Monastery housed more than fifty monks, it was abandoned in the last half century. Other historical references indicate that this area was probably a former ancient sanctuary, the cobbled paths existed long before the monastery and that the area was closely linked to the area and the ancient olives that exist in the surrounding area as well as to the mountainous route followed by the athletes in order to get from Ancient Elida to Ancient Olympia in order to participate in the Olympic Games.


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